Was sagen meine Klienten über mich

Ich bin erfahren, verlässlich sowie jederzeit auf gute Ergebnisse fokussiert und weiß es zu schätzen, mit großartigen Kunden zusammenzuarbeiten

I am writing to highly recommend Mr. Markus Pfeifer as an exceptional professional coach. Over the past year, I have had the privilege to partake in ten insightful sessions with him. Markus has consistently showed deep expertise, strong commitment, and a unique ability to navigate intricate personal and professional issues. 

 „Vielen Dank für die Session, hat mich echt weitergebracht“
 -  Coachee 

„I don't know what kind of magic you do during our coaching sessions, but it is amazing and I feel like a queen after our sessions.“ 
-  Coachee 


 "You have so much to offer and supporting business leaders as an executive advisor is the perfect fit for you! “ -  Senior Management 

 "Thank you Markus, really appreciate the outstanding preparation and dialoge in the last couple of days" -

- Senior Management 

"His ability to see things coming that others can't. It is obviously part of his job, but he also demonstrates this skill in other areas of the business that are not his focus when he is able to participate in discussions and individual conversations" - Senior Management

"I have truly appreciated your time, words of wisdom, sharing your strategic thinking and most importantly the reminders that family is first why we do what we do“ 
-  Senior Management 

"Vielen Dank für deine Zeit und das super Gespräch. Das macht richtig Spaß. MEGA HILFREICH. Stiftet echt Mehrwert!“ 
- Top Management 

"I have always appreciated your willingness to step into the tough roles over the years“ 
- Top Management 

 "You have had a great impact on me and my life. I have never met a person like you. You have helped me to see my reality from a different perspective. I am extremely thankful for that“ -  Mentee

"There are many assets, skills, and talents that this leader possesses. I personally believe Markus' approach to coaching leadership differentiates him from everyone else. Markus should continue doing this with people, should continue coaching people on how to do the same, and feel a sense of pride in his ability to do this."- Mentee

 "You’ve had such a great influence in my life. Your coaching is PHENOMENAL for everybody who works with you“-  Mentee